In Remembrance of the
September 11, 2001
Terrorist Attack on America

I will never forget where I was this day.  I was a security guard for
BNSF Railroad's IBU Facility located in San Bernardino, CA.  My
job was to monitor the traffic of truckers leaving the facility.  At about
6:00 AM, the news was spreading like wildfire about the plane crashes
in NYC.  We all know what happened afterwards that day.

Anyways, I was shocked at what had happened in NYC.  We all take news
differently... I just laughed in disbelief... I knew a terrorist attack would happen
someday and that day it did.  I was sadden that innocint people died and
others have to deal with it's aftermath.  As the news reports came in, there was a
scare among some of us that something would happen to us here in California.

When I was little, I was told to expect the unexpected.  Also, when I was in
the service, I was told about terrorists and how to protect myself against them.
From that, I knew that someday, when the USA is well relax and thinking no
harm is coming, the worst will happen.  America had many warnings throughout
my lifetime.  I do remember the major events that had happened to American
People.  America wept then quickly forgot about the incidents and then remember
for only one day that terrable things had happened.  I say, remember everyday!!!
Like it or not, remember everyday and refect on all things.  I don't mean to cry
over it, but I understand that time will heal all wounds.  I was not there nor
does it really impacted me as much as those who were there or had to suffer
the lose of loved ones.  Somehow, make the terrible things that happened in
a more possitive.  Make us stronger than we were before.  Don't let our guard
down as to let some B@ST@RD to sucker punch us again.

Since the events of Sept. 11 hit home, Amaricans united and sent some form
of support to all victims of the terrorist attack.  It will take time and alot of effort
to rebuild our American way of life.  The only thing I'm afraid of is that America
will go back to not really caring for one another soon after all things with the Taliban,
Osama Bin Laden and everyone else involved are settled.

Everyday, I go out either for work or for play, and see vehicles and business
displaying the American Flag and God Bless America signs.  As the days pass,
I see less and less of this.  I also hear the phrase "America the Beautiful" and
see some form of degrading trash.  This is my hate!!!  I hate hipocrates!!!  I hate
the people who say God Bless America and trash up America!!!  Yes, this is the
Land of the Free, but why throw your trash everywhere???  Why hate those
who are different in color, race and religion.  I have always been the type of person
who lend out a helping hand regardless who that person is.  I have been screwed
by this, but I don't care, for I hope that my Lord will take me home when my time
comes to leave this life.  I care about America and my fellow Americans.  That's
why I served in the Armed Forces.  This is why I want to Remember Sept. 11 in this
site of mine.  I know that when the next Sept. 11 comes around, America will take
the time to remember those who lost their lives, but only on this one day.
Sad but True...
September 11, 2002

Today, I was reflecting on the events from this day last year.  I can remember
what I was doing and where I was when the news about the attack spread like
wildfire.  I also remember the many broadcasts on the events of this day and the
war that began afterwards.  I was amazed when the clean-up from 9/11 was
finished well ahead of schedule.  Still, not knowing what will come next, ground
zero is waiting for something to make it complete.

Today, I was driving a bus for ATC Forsithe (my new job that I really enjoy).  I
saw a circle of fire trucks, police vehicles, and ambulances in the parkinglot of
the Roy Rogers Museam.  At that brief moment, I remembered where I was one
year ago.  I felt connected somehow but I had to maintain my awareness of the
road and everything else moving around the bus.  When I got home, I watched
the news telecasts.  Most of the news was old news but what I really wanted to
see and hear was the speach from President Bush.  He wants us to be defiant
and I did just that all year long.  I will always remain defiant.  Noone is going to stop
me from enjoying life as long as can still breathe.

This whole day was nothing but remembrance of 9/11.  I knew that this will happen.
My views and opinions from what I wrote last year are the same today.  It's just me.
I perfer to do what I want to do.  I don't throw caution to the winds as I try to be
carefree.  Just, I only have one life and I want to live my life to the fullest.  I know my
time will come and I must leave this life.  I'm not afraid to die.  It may be at the hands
of a terrorist.  It may be at the hands of a fellow American.  I may live to be 100 and
die in my sleep of natural cuases.  My point is that I will die but I will die on my own
terms.  I will continue to enjoy life and all material things that I have.  I will die with
no regrets.  I will welcome death when my time comes...

September 11, 2006

Six years have passed... Six years...
I can remember where I was when it happened.
Not much has changed since then....

Today was just another day. I didn't see anything specail... As I expected six years ago... It was a big deal when it happened and it was a big deal the following year. However, since then, it's just not important.... Maybe I just didn't see the specails on tv, nor the news highlights... I just didn't see anything.... For the past week, all I saw was Osama bin Laden and his video taped messages. Just to scare everyone... well... I don't scare to easily! I just know that now is not the time for the world to end...

I don't wait until this day just to remember what happened...
to remember the lives lost...
to reflect on everything... to thank anyone...

I remember every single morning...
I reflect every single night...
Nothing changed after six years!!!

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