In Remembrance of my Grandmother
Ethel Potter
1-6-1934 ~ 7-23-2000
I do not know where to begin.  Since her death, I wanted to put together a page for her.  A page with many pictures, memories and my thoughts.  My Aunt Penny has a website in remembrance of her.  A collection of pages about her and her 50 year marriage.  That website also includes some poems that family members wrote for her after her death.  Here, on this page, it's just my thoughts and feelings.  I am not a writer nor do I use the most proper grammer in my writings.  I write the way I think, so please bare with me as I share with you my memories, thoughts and feelings. 

She was one of the most loving person I know.  Eventhough, I wasn't her favorite grandchild, I was close to her as I can be.  I love it when she calls me "punkin".  She calls all her grandkids that.  She rarely said "I love you" to me.  Just the way she said "yes punkin" when I ask her something, I know that she loves me.  I do miss that alot and I always hated it when she said it to her other grandkids.  She loves all her grandkids to complete death but, she'll paddle our behinds when any of us got out of line.

When my dad took me to my grandfather's shop, I usually stay in the office with her.  We watch her soaps and do crossword puzzles together.  Never really cared for soaps at the time.  I was rather young to understand.  I watched them anyways.  She did, however, got me into crossword puzzles.  For starters, I worked on her books.  She had so many of them.  She also gave me the ones she never started.  I left them there so I can work on them when I was at the shop.  They passed the time away and I was to busy to bother her while she watched her soaps.

She told me alot about my family tree becuase, I often asked about them.  I wanted to be reminded where I had come from.  Now, that she's gone, I have a missing link to my past.  I do, however, have old pictures and a family tree on paper that she put together for me.  She did it so I can remember long after she's gone and for my children.  I do miss her stories about our family.

I will always remember the times the family had spent together over the years.

She was the primary shuffler when it comes to family poker.  She could suffle five or more decks together very well.  She cussed about doing it but, she did it anyways.  She was the commentator when the cards were passed out.  "Down and dirty" was her favorite phrase.  Seven card, no peek, hi/low split the pot was one of her favorite games.

Before the family poker game, she played Scrabble, Up-words, and Perquackey with my Aunt Dale.  They played for hours.  It didn't matter where they played or for how long becuase, my aunt was her only competition.

She had an Intellivision video game system.  She mostly played Dungeons and Dragons.  She was very good at that game.  I loved to watch her play the difficult levels.

She was one the main reasons why we had a family reunion every year.  She was the life of the party.  She was the motivator to get the family together in the first place.  At our reunions, the whole family played verious games and activities.  The last three reunions she attended, the family brought pink elephant gifts and raffled them off.  One year, she brought an old family picture that was professionally copied, redone and framed..  When that same picture was raffled, she won it back.  She won mostly the big gifts she brought each of those reunions.  What luck she had... to give something away in raffle just to win it back.  Everyone laughs when her prizes comes up to be raffled off and someone shouts, "Ethel is going to win!!!"

Christmas Day was spent at her house every year while I was groing up.  One good memory is of my two uncles taking a picture of each other while taking a picture of each other.  Don't ask me why they did that.  I was amused by it.

There are so many memories, thoughts and feelings I have, both good and bad, I'll be here forever just to write them all.  That's why I'm keeping this page as short as I can.  Just a few more that I want to share with you.
This picture was taken on my daughter's (Krislyn) first birthday.  My daughter is her second great-grandchild.  My baby girl should of been her first.  Unknown to the family, exept her, her favorite grandchild became a father before me.  He was fifteen or so when our daughters were born.  And everyone told me I was alittle to young to be a father.  Well, at least I had already completed high school and was in the Marines to afford the burdens of fatherhood.  The other in this picture is my youngest brother, Anthony.

The following two photos were taken on Krislyn's second birthday.  The baby boy in the first one is my oldest son, Jordon.  My youngest son, Dylan, is not in any photographs with her.  Dylan was born in Fort Stewart, Georgia.  By the time she was able to see him, she was to old looking because, of her illness.  I don't want to remember her that way, nor do I want my children to see the way she looked when we last saw her, just days before she passed away.  Yes, she aged over the years, but she looked the same to me throughout my young life.  All I wanted is for her to see my children one last time.  Eventhough Dylan will not remember meeting her, I happy for the fact that they did.

The girl in this picture is my niece, Michelle.  Michelle is the oldest of three children of my older brother, Leon.

My final thoughts and feelings... To me, the Grandma Ethel I knew died when the family was first told that she only had six or so months to live.  It was the tail end of 1998 when they found out.  I was in Kuwait and my father thought it was best that I didn't know until after I returned home in April 1999.  I'm just happy for the fact that her spirit kept her physical body going long enough to see Dylan for the only time, and my family and I for the last time....

Grandma Ethel... I will always love you... Rest in Peace, Forever

Final notes... This page was written on January 27, 2002.  Click on any of the pictures on this page for the larger picture of each one.  A new window will open for each one.  Allow time for each new window to load.  The reunion photogragh will open the window for the real family photo to be viewed clearly.

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