This site is mainly for the remembrance of my most inspiring family and friends.  They are the only reason I put this site together.  For the longest time, I could not bare the thought of the people I lost in my life.  I had a hard time of dealing with the holes in my heart.  All that is put behind me.  When I think of them, I just smile.  The first section holds the memories, thoughts and feelings of my heart and mind.
In Loving Memories - Index

The following is my remembrance to America.  It tells my story of where I was on this horriable day.  My thoughts and feelings are included.
Sept. 11, 2001

This last page is for my spirital life.  A remembrance of my Lord and Savoir and what he has done for me.  I will tell you my spirital upbringing as I know it.  I will also share my thanks and prayers.  God bless us all.
Jesus Christ - My Testimony

Unless otherwise stated, the memories, thoughts and feelings are of my own.  They are in no way reflect the way others beleave to be true.  Thank You...
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